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Every day new marketing and advertising tools are being introduced that will supposedly help everyone in marketing and advertising do our jobs faster, cheaper and better.  This blog is my attempt to try or learn about them all.  I'll keep up with it until the task becomes so overwhelming that I run from this profession to do something more calming, such as being a goat herder in Peru. Please share your suggestions and ideas as new tools are introduced faster than any marketer could keep up.

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How To Post On Instagram From Mac

Instagram wasn't designed to post from the Mac desktop to Instagram. However, there is a way to get it done without too much effort.

How to Post on Instagram from Mac

  1. Go to using the Safari browser and Login to your account

  2. Open Safari and click Safari (upper left corner of screen) > Preferences > Advanced


  3. Check  "Show Develop Menu in bar"


  4. Close this and go to:  Develop (in the top nav) > User Agent > Safari - IOS 10 - iPhone


  5. The Instagram site will reload or manually refresh the site. 

  6. Click the camera icon on the bottom and a window should open asking you to select the picture you would like to upload to Instagram.  

  7. Review the preview of the image, edit, add a caption and then click Share.

Can You Embed Video in Email?

Every month I get a question from clients regarding the ability to embed video in email HTML templates. Unfortunately, the answer is that you cannot when using most email clients.

For the vast majority of desktop, tablet and mobile email clients, the answer is no, even with HTML 5. 


I found this chart from Email on Acid (they also supply all of the HTML code) that does a good job laying out the state of video support in email. From a market share perspective, about half of emails sent can support playback within the email client and a half cannot. Developers should code html so that the default image displays in any client that does not support video, particularly since some clients will display the video player, but the video is unplayable, creating confusion.

Net, the idea to embed video in email is still a bad idea unless targeting Apple Mail and Samsung Galaxy customers specifically that use the native mail applications of those platforms.



Understanding GoogleBot Crawl Strategy and Server Logs

One important facet of Search Engine Optimization is understanding the depth and frequency of the GoogleBot crawl. Said another way, there are strategies for maximizing the number of pages indexed or crawled by the search engines. This is particularly important for sites that are not frequently updated, that do not focus on recent news or those that are 1,000 pages or more.

 Here are some helpful resources to understand the many sides of this issue:

Free Online Marketing Courses From Google

Proficiency in marketing comes from knowledge and application. One way to improve the learning side of the equation is to take some free online marketing courses from Google.  It's especially useful for Google Analytics. Courses are available in these locations:

Heat Map Tools Reviews

I wanted to share some thoughts on Google's in-page analytics feature via email. In my experience, in-page analytics has always been super buggy, and I've never been able to get a lot of value out of it. That said, I'm definitely a fan of heat map analysis, and even more so, session recording services.  There are two very affordable alternatives that we recommend over Google's in-page analytics. They're significantly more stable, and provide way more value.  The tools are FullStory and HotJar.
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Quick Guide to Facebook Advertising

If you are looking for a quick guide to effectively advertising on Facebook, then I highly recommend this site put together by Buffer.The site and downloadable PDF covers the 11 ways you can advertise of Facebook along with specs and guidelines. It covers everything you need to know.  As a bonus resource, take a look at Snappa for creating Facebook campaign graphics (also good for any type of online graphics.)


Guide to Creating a Media Kit

If you are monetizing a blog you will need a media kit. It makes you look more professional to brands and puts forth the message that you treat your blog as a serious business. Brands want to work with professional bloggers they can count on not to flake out on fulfilling their side of the deal.  This is a helpful media kit guide. You can also improve the design with one of these media kit templates.
Consider adding testimonials to the media kit, particularly from professional bloggers.