Audio to Text Transcription Software

Anyone that needs to record and transcribe any audio, calls, focus groups, etc. should try Cogi.  The platform goes beyond trascribing audio to offering features such as browse search and review, and the ability to share recordings as MP3 file.

Any marketer or market researcher that has ever attempted to transcribe a focus group into text will find Cogi indispensable.

Brand Search Engine for Marketers

One of the challenges of branding is determining if the name is available on the multitude of social networks available.  KnowEm helps solve the problem by providing a free search engine that allows you to check for the use of your brand, product, personal name or user name instantly on over 575 popular and emerging social media websites. The brand name search engine also checks the entire USPTO Trademark Database.

If you do find that the brand name you want is taken, the staff at KnowEm will help you negotiate with the owner for a possible purchase.  



Measuring Online Page Speed

Here's a few tools I picked up at the Affiliate Summit New York Meetup. Thanks to Vinny O'Hare.  I'm still trying to understand how to read results, so feel free to leave a helpful comment.

As an aside, the benchmark Google standard is believed to be 4 seconds for page loading.  As a suggestion stack rank pages and bring time load times of worst performers.  By fixing the outliers, you'll bring the average load time for the entire site.  Of course look at your server, size or compression of picture.

Online Page Speed Tools


Smush.it from Yahoo

PageSpeed – an open source browser add-on

Some tools suggested by Reel SEO

  • YSlow - suggests ways to improve speed
  • WebPagetest – shows a waterfall view of performance
  • Webmaster Tools – Site Performance Lab

    SEO Tools Review

    Great interview between Shawn Collins, the king of all affiliate trade shows and Wil Reynolds, the Master of all thingsSEO.  The two come together to share some quick SEO tool recommendations including:

    Raven Tools (well known keyword research tool set)

    Authority Labs (Provides text, video and images ranking to complement keyword ranking info).

    SEO Moz - Wil raves about open site explorer as a method for comparing the value of each site and the links they provide.  

    Google Suggest - keyword suggestion tool built into browser

    UberSuggest - for keyword suggestions

    SeedKeywords - to query potential keywords from friends

    Soovle.com - enter a keyword and see what comes back when it is used on a variety of search and retail sites

    You can read more on our dedicated SEO tools review page.  You can hear the "Search Engine Optimimization 101" interview between Wil and Shawn on Geekcast.fm.

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